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Welcome to Shetland!

Shetland Class Team

Shetland Class Team 1 Jo- Class Teacher
Shetland Class Team 2 Cindi- Teaching Assistant (5 Days)
Shetland Class Team 3 Ashley- Teaching Assistant (3 Days)
Shetland Class Team 4 Matt Harker (2 days) volunteer class room support

Welcome to Shetland!


Hello and welcome to Shetland class! 

Our day starts with us looking at the date, day and month, the weather and watching Newsround to see what is going off around the world, we have had some excellent discussions about some really interesting topics.

This half term we have accessed a variety of places in the local community and further afield using public transport. We have been to Derby museum, Burton shopping centre and accessed ZEN's cafe.

On a Tuesday morning as part of our health and well-being work we have been joining other students to take part in boxing or zumba classes provided by external clubs. This has been great fun and we have really enjoyed it and hope to continue over the coming weeks!

We will be look forward to make gifts for fathers day and celebrating the graduation for the year 14 


We will continue to develop our independent skills in the kitchen by shopping for ingredients and cooking/preparing our own meals. This half term will will be making a variety of meals such as jacket potatoes and looking at a variety of picnic foods.


Our Shetland class community visits so far have included...








Many more places to come. We have been using public transport for all these destinations!


We look forward to keeping you posted on our up coming visits. 









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