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Stronsay Class

Welcome to Stronsay!

Stronsay Class Team!

Stronsay Class Team! 1 Alison- Class Teacher
Stronsay Class Team! 2 Jo- Senior Teaching Assistant

Welcome to our Class!

We are a mixed ability Key stage 4 class (Year 10 and 11) 


We focus weekly on developing our communication and interaction skills by taking part in class team challenges, Lego Therapy, 'Breakfast' club and having a good chat over a cup of tea! 

We also work hard thinking about our future and what we want to do when we leave so we are filling in 'All About Me' booklets and looking at what special skills we have and how we can develop them for what we want to do in the future. 

We really enjoy spending time together and have lots of fun and laughs in our class. We have a really good mix of personalities. 

We take part in a lot of out of school learning and access swimming lessons, sessions at Leebrooks School (woodwork, painting and decorating, brick laying and catering) and work with students at St Martins School. Some of our students will be going to a community centre each week to help make drinks and wash up for an over 50s bingo session! 


Our class Ethos

In our class...

We are kind

We are honest

We give compliments

We laugh a lot

We make mistakes

We have big dreams

We are peaceful

We work hard

We are family



Spring 1!


This half term our topic will be 'Funfairs!'

We be encompassing some of our Literacy, Science, Design and Technology, Art and Music learning into this topic. We are working towards building our own moving funfair ride, testing materials and making circuits to power motors. This will continue to develop our problem solving skills and using trial and error methods to find the best strategies for us. In Art we will be looking at different artists and using their style to develop our own lettering and sign for our ride and in music we will be making a theme tune/soundscape for our ride! 

It is very exciting! 


The year 11's will be starting an 'Employability program' this term working alongside Derbyshire Education Business Partnership. This is designed to raise aspirations for post 16 possibilities of volunteer work or employment. They will be learning about the hospitality industry and doing industry visits to hotels as well as working towards an understanding whilst taking part in practical work experience. The final session will be collating their skills and knowledge by providing afternoon for parents, carers and their peers.


This term we are also in charge of Staff Lunches on a Wednesday. We are making Jacket potatoes with different fillings each week and charging £2.50 for them. The money we raise will go towards a class trip. During a class discussion we decided that we wanted to work towards getting the train to Matlock and spend the day there having lots of fun!



Spring 2

We are going to be making Subway Sandwiches this half term for staff. We will be making bread, trialling the bread, making different flavoured cookies and practising our money skills. Each week some students will go around school and make a list off what staff would like. We have also been in charge of the advertising for this. 


On Friday 15th March is Red Nose Day 2019 and our class has come up with a plan for the whole school to celebrate! We are going to be hosting a 'Taskmaster' morning in classes with lots of fun team challenges and we are going to dress up as our favourite Disney/film characters and have a celebration on the playground with some games, dance routines and Take 10 activities lead by different classes. 


The year 11's are continuing with the DEBP course and are going to be doing industry visits. It will be all about employer engagement and making links with various employers in Derby and learning valuable transferable skills. We had really successful sessions with the Hospitality course and over half term we made it into the paper!


Some of our students have been visiting the Quad and taking part in the '16 Project' and doing weekly sessions with different Derbyshire artists printing, taking and developing photographs and learning about digital photography.The artwork will be displayed in the Guildhall market place as part of the Format Festival


We will be starting a 'This is me' project this term developing our self esteem, understanding of emotions and likes and dislikes, what we are good at and create a piece of artwork to express ourselves.


We will be continuing on with our speaking and listening games to develop those vital communication and interaction skills as we move forward in to post 16 education. 







We have lots of new and exciting projects we are starting this term. 


Our topic this term is 'Stronsay Island!' We will be creating, designing and building our very own island. We will create tourist attractions, landmarks, a flag, currency and shops/cafes to bring in lots of holiday makers in time for the summer as well as making our own holiday brochures up. We are going to focus on geography, literacy and creative arts during this topic. 


The focus for our Meal Prep this term is BBQ's and picnics. We will be developing our skills in the kitchen by using frying pans, grill machines and disposable BBQ's to make some of our favourite foods. Some students will be using the brickwork and decorating skills they have developed at Leesbrook School to build a BBQ from scratch that we will then use before we break up for the summer. Our food hygiene sessions will focus on food and oven temperatures, raw and uncooked food and what is safe to eat. We will also be linking our Meal prep to a science project and we will be having a go at growing our own salads and herbs, looking after them each week and of course trying all the tasty things we grow!


For community we will be learning about using bus timetables and online apps to help us with our public bus travel. We will be catching different buses to Heanor and Ilkeston setting off at different times each week, learning how to ask for tickets or using our gold card appropriately and sitting safely on a bus. It is always good to explore new and unfamiliar places around Derby to build up our confidence. This will also link to some Numeracy work on learning how to tell the time. 


As always we will continue to develop our communication and interaction skills on a day to day basis with our team challenge work, breakfast club and 'Think outside the box tasks'. We will also be working on how we can solve our own problems or help others solve problems.



Our finished 'This is Me' Art project from last term. This will be displayed as part of the Derby Arts project in the Guildhall for the whole of May.

Our finished 'This is Me' Art project from last term. This will be displayed as part of the Derby Arts project in the Guildhall for the whole of May. 1